Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The 'Trace' EP's

Okay  - I know that ‘Trace’ is not everybody’s favourite album. However, often overlooked is the fact that there was a whole bunch of great stuff released as bonus tracks on the several EPs released by the Sony at the time – I think they were vainly searching for a hit!

There were a couple of tracks left over from ‘Trace’ such as ‘Big Star’, some lovely acoustic versions, a long time live favourite ‘Lonesome Bull’ from the demos of ‘Doughboy Hollow’, ‘Take me for a Little While’ a 60's track we liked, ‘This Reason’ an old ‘End’ track (my first band), and ‘The Cross’ a prince song we sometimes included in sets. I always like the extended version of ‘Harness Up’ as well.

So here are all the extra tracks (with original covers and credits) – almost an album on their own…… 


  1. Hey Brett, thanks for posting these. Admittedly Trace is not my favourite album although there are some crackers on there (I adore Dreamaway!!!). My problem is with its structure more than anything else, but you don't want to hear the ramblings of an amateur critic (Or do you??) But I remember the non-album songs being sublime. Hey is there any chance you could post some old stuff like Kingpin & March Past - the songs that were never released on CD?

  2. Trace was a great album, one of my favourites and sits alongside Doughboy Hollow and Sold as a perfect hatrick of songs. I still remember Brett starting off a show in Richmond with Get It Right. Ripped straight into it and did not let up all night.I bought all these EP's at the time except Graceful Morning only because by the time I found out about it I could not get a copy. Thanks for these Brett. Cheers Richard

  3. I also hold Trace in high regard - "Til We Get It Right" and "Through My Heart" being two of my favorite Died Pretty tracks. For me there really isn't a Died Pretty album that is less than stellar. Thanks so much Brett for putting this stuff up - I don't know that any of this was ever available in the US. Would love to hear what musicmaking you are up to nowadays. Cheers, Chip

  4. I really liked Trace. It was a great follow-up to Doughboy Hollow. It would be a nice surprise to find it on iTunes one day . :)

  5. Well its on Spotify if that helps!